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  • RE: Polyps reoccurring
    Hi @Ravinder! :-) Same here, I have polyps and am currently waiting on my next surgery with Dr. Javer (likely will be this summer). You'd be best to email to get in touch with Dr. Javer's team. They're super busy though, so it may take a little while to hear back. You can see their phone number and such too on the website,
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  • RE: Training to smell
    I haven't done that myself yet, but I wanted to say I read the article, very interesting stuff. I was also delighted to see Carl Philpott there, he was actually a fellow with Dr Javer at the SPSC and was the gentlemen who along with Dr Javer did my previous sinus surgery. They were absolute gems. So I'd generally trust anything he's saying when it comes to that stuff, at least speaking for myself. :-)
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  • RE: Mucus transplant study.
    That's excellent news! :-)
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  • Dustin Dauncey
    Hello, I'm Dustin. I have Cystic Fibrosis and therefore have complications with my sinuses as we tend to suffer from polyps in the sinuses. Dr. Amin Javer has performed surgery several years back to get rid of them. I had my first surgery for it when I was younger at BC Children's Hospital by another doctor, so I've had two of them now. I suspect I'll need to get one every several years. I do daily sinus rinses for keeping things clean until the next time I see Dr. Javer for a "sinus flush" as we call it. :-) It definitely helps and makes it feel great up there for a period of time. All the best to other patients and non-patients going through sinus complications and surgeries. Hope all is well. Dustin.
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