Hi Dustin, I’m Pat🙋. I have Allergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis. There is no known cure but it is felt it is an immunological response to fungus that we breath in the air. I have had three surgeries in the past five years to clear my sinuses & help control my disease. I too have done special rinses. I am presently in the aPDT (blue light) study as all other treatments have failed. I hope to not just help myself but help others from the data that Dr.Javer & the team collect. Dr.Javer’s commitment to us patients keeps me going in body, mind & soul. I hope to encourage all of us patients in our journey as you know some days are good & some are not. I want to brainstorm with other patients to see how we can fund raise for research funds to continue these important studies. Any thoughts send them out! Pat🙏