• Exciting news, Health Canada recently approved Dr.Javer’s mucus transplant study! This will be the first study in Canada!!
    It could lead to a cure for those with Chronic Rhinosinusitis.
    Worthy articles to read:
    -Research Break Throughs ‘snot what you think by Michelle Hopkins. St.Paul’s Foundation Promise magazine. Fall/Winter 2018. “Chronic Rhinosinusitis is a serious disease that affects 12 percent of the Northern American population. St.Paul’s Sinus Centre has developed a unique treatment that could cure it”.
    -Believe it or snot: St.Paul’s nasal mucus transplant study targets inflamed sinuses by Pamela Fayerman. Vancouver Sun, Feb.6, 2019.
    -B.C. doctor hopes ‘snot’ transplants will help patients with chronic sinus problems by Leslie Young. Health Global News, Feb.8, 2019.
    Please consider making a donation to keep groundbreaking studies like this happening.
    Thank you Dr.Javer for your dedication to research to find better treatment for us patients!!!

  • That's excellent news! 🙂